My name is Marianne Gush. I am an HPCSA-registered psychological counsellor with a Ph.D in Positive Psychology. This means that, while I do help people through difficult times in life, I also have a strong focus on growth and helping my clients build personal resources. In other words, I not only focus on survival, but also on thriving. I would like to help you do this: to overcome obstacles and live life to your fullest potential.

As a mom of two I am very much focused on how Positive Psychology can help me be a more constructive parent – giving my children a better chance of living full and meaningful lives. As a Strengths Based Parenting practitioner, I am available to help you learn new parenting skills which will help you help your children to thrive – no matter their age.

Besides being a mom, I am also a wife and have much experience in building a positive relationship in the midst of mental health difficulties. Whether your aim is to grow together or to simply cope through the tough times, I would feel privileged to accompany you on that journey.

No one is perfect. In fact, it is often our imperfections that make us intriguing and even beautiful. I value creating an accepting therapeutic space where you can feel safe to confidentially share your experiences with me. I follow a person-centered and strength-based approach founded on mutual respect.


  • To put positive psychology research into practice.
  • To facilitate change and growth. 
  • To actualise human potential.
  • To build the resilience of children, adolescents and adults who have a genetic predisposition to mental health issues.


  • To be a part of a process which affects change at an individual and also at a larger scale. 
  • To unlock evidence-based tools for optimal human functioning for all those who would seek them, as well as those who would need them.